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Ice Rinks by Industrial Frigo Ice Usa

Indoor Ice Rinks

Permanent & Mobile Indoor Ice Skating Rinks for Year Round Use.

Outdoor Ice Rinks

Outdoor ice rinks in your community space or your own backyard.

Portable Ice Rinks

Portable ice rinks for any event or occasion.

Ice Rink and Snow Rides Manufacturer

Industrial Frigo Ice USA

Industrial Frigo Ice is known worldwide for its quality and performance in the ice rink industry. With over 50 years of experience manufacturing refrigeration and thermoregulation systems, we are an international company with a presence in 60 countries.

Our Permanent and mobile ice skating rinks, snow playgrounds, ice parks, ice slides, and dasher boards systems are now the driving force behind Industrial Frigo Ice USA. Using advanced design and technology, we manufacture only high efficiency and dependable ice products. Industrial Frigo Ice USA is an energy-conscious, green ice producer.

With a history of real passion for product design and innovation, we have now developed ice rink products for warm temperature events. Available for rent or purchase, indoor or outdoor use, our products are easy to install and operate. Our engineers and design team are with you every step of the way, whether you choose a turnkey or fully customized ice rink or attraction. Industrial Frigo Ice USA is always your coolest partner for real ice rinks!

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Industrial Frigo Facts

Industrial Frigo Ice has been producing state of the art, energy-efficient cooling systems since 1969. Now celebrating over 50 years in cooling system innovation and production, Industrial Frigo has become a world leader operating in over 60 countries.

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