Industrial Frigo Ice USA now offers our exclusive ice or all-weather slides for the amusement industry.

Ice Slide Fun

We provide both custom and turnkey slides based on customer needs.

Our engineers will plan, develop, and create the Winter Wonderland of your dreams that seamlessly integrates with your existing or future event space.


Bob Mountain

Bob Mountain is available in various shapes and sizes to suit customer requirements. It works both as a stand-alone attraction or an integration to a broader ice park concept.

With over 50 years of refrigeration experience, Industrial Frigo Ice has mastered the technology that allows Bob Mountain to use real ice. Riders will have a unique and thrilling, authentic bobsledding experience.


Kamikice is the ultimate piloting challenge for kids. Riders zoom down a spiral-shaped slide on an adventure boat. Navigating the slide’s orbital movement and turns is always a thrill. 

Kamikice has a towering presence at 21 feet high. An automatic lift system will bring the adventure boats back to the top, ensuring ultimate safety and a high flow-through rate.

Crazy Slide XL and Crazy Slide S

The Crazy Slide XL is a giant twisty ice slide. Riders sit in an inflatable tube and rush down the slide into a safe landing zone. The concept is simple, but the thrills are endless.  With a series of exhilarating curves plus tubes carrying up to two riders, the Crazy XL is both fun and profitable.

The Crazy Slide S is ideal for sliding in groups. The width simulates a mountainside and is perfect for high volume sliding. Riders rush down the slide in inflatable tubes and march back to the top on the side hallways. Perfect for parents and children to slide together.

The Crazy Slide S is a tailor-made product and designed according to the space available or the number of users.

Ice Vertigo

The Ice Vertigo ice slide is a quick yet thrilling track. Riders speed down the slide a top bobsleds for that real winter play experience.

Ice Vertigo is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and is custom-engineered for specific venue space. The Ice Vertigo JR. is also available to give young children those same Winter thrills.

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