Ice Rink Chiller Systems

Ice Rink Chillers

Every ice rink chiller we use in our products and services is designed and tailor-made by Industrial Frigo Ice. We are the chiller system manufacturer and are ice rink refrigeration specialists. We have been developing our craft since 1969.

Being the ice chiller manufacturer gives us, and you the customer, several advantages:

  • Significantly reduces rink chiller dimensions, which creates a unique refrigeration block.
  • Instruments to regulate and maximize power efficiency.
  • Full functionality in tropical locations
  • System Redundancy To Avoid Outages
  • Wide range of chillers to meet any customer’s needs

The Industrial Frigo Difference

Unfortunately, it is common in the industry to use ice rink chiller units designed for air conditioning and then adapt them for rink refrigeration.

Air conditioning systems designed to work with gasses meant to generate temperatures well above freezing are never ideal. They must work incredibly hard, which leads to higher costs and environmental impact.

However, this will never happen with Industrial Frigo Ice rink chiller systems. We manufacture our units specifically for use in Ice Rink Refrigeration with a lower cost and carbon footprint.

We are happy to provide technical data and ice rink chiller system cost upon request.

Industrial Frigo Ice USA Ice Rink Chiller Systems feature:

  • Double gas circuit runs with half the standard power depending on chiller size.
  • Timer and sensors to shut down the compressors at cooler temperatures
  • Galvanized frame for outdoor durability
  • Low-Noise axial fans
  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Accumulation Tank
  • Semi-Hermetic Compressors
  • Plate Evaporators
  • Ability To Operate via Internet or Phone (optional)
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