Ice Rink Accessories

Ice Rink Accessories

Quality and Advanced Technology Are What Drives all of Industrial Frigo Ice USA products.

Our Ice Skating products are tailor-made and are available for sale or rent. In particular, we offer solutions for:

  • Fixed ice rinks (ice stadiums)
  • Mobile ice rinks (both outdoor and indoor)
  • Ice and snow playgrounds

 For all of our ice and snow attractions, we provide ice rink accessories and supplies.

Ice Rink Accessories And Supplies

Our sales package for ice rinks usually include the following components:

  • Chiller, custom-sized
  • Piping (white, to better camouflage into the ice)
  • Insulation
  • Dasher Board System
  • Skates (with steel cabinets containing up to 75 pairs)
  • Tutor Dolphins, to help children with standing and balancing

 We can also provide accessories (from third party suppliers) such as Reception-information kiosk, platforms, benches, audio systems.

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