Industrial Frigo Ice USA
is a full-scale indoor ice rink manufacturer. We customize, build, and design indoor rinks for private and municipal facilities.

Indoor Ice Rinks

As refrigeration specialists for over 50 years we understand that indoor ice skating rinks are the cornerstone of the entire ice sports industry and we pride ourselves on producing the most cost-efficient state of the art ice rink systems.

Unlike most providers in the industry, we design and manufacture all of our rinks which not only enables us to deliver customized products but to implement technologies for energy management that reduce costs and environmental impact.

Industrial Frigo Ice USA can guarantee the quality, reliability, durability, and efficiency of all our products. Our ice rinks are built tough with LDPE, low-density polyethylene, a material that provides both flexibility and resistance.

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Ice Rinks by Industrial frigo Ice USA

All ice rinks and other products designed and manufactured by Industrial Frigo Ice USA comply with regulation DIRECTIVE97 PED /23/ EC Module A1.

So whether you are looking for your indoor ice rink to be permanent, temporary, single sheet, multi-sheet or anything in between our design team and engineers will guide you from start to finish.

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