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Custom Backyard Ice Rinks

The explosive growth of hockey culture around the US has made backyard ice rinks the perfect solution for those fighting for ice time.

We provide standard backyard ice rink packages for personal use and full custom ice rinks to accommodate an entire league. We understand the challenges facing hockey families and communities and engineer our products to meet their needs.

When it comes to building these backyard and portable ice rinks, we are often asked about our chillers. Backyard ice rink refrigeration systems can be complicated, but they don’t have to be. We do all the work!

We manufacture all of our chillers, and they come in many shapes and sizes. The majority of backyard ice skating rinks are now in parts of the country that don’t maintain freezing temperatures.

Our portable rinks can be suited for any temperate outdoor space as long as there is access to power and water. Even as temperatures move above freezing, your ice rink from Industrial Frigo Ice USA will be operating smoothly. Our products work perfectly in temperatures up to 68F degrees.

Temporary or Permanent Ice Rinks

There are structural differences between temporary or permanent ice rinks. Even in a backyard or event space, we can mount your ice refrigeration system on concrete to make it permanent, or fashion a completely portable system.  

More and more customers are now opting for a completely portable rink system. They have different dasher boards, piping, air-cooled chillers, and insulation. Perfect for league play or event use, the flexibility of portable ice rinks is very appealing. Packing up and moving is simple.

How To Set Up Backyard Ice Rinks

We first start with a level surface. If you don’t have a level surface, we will make you one. We often set up backyard ice rinks on fields, asphalt, or sand. But, we need to level it out and sometimes set up a platform to accomplish this. 

Once the surface is established, here is how to set up the backyard rink:

  • Set up the frame (dasher boards & bracketing) 
  • Place an appropriate rink liner
  • Lay down the piping (cooling grid) 
  • Set up connector kit
  • Attach ice rink chiller to the cooling grid.
  • Ice rink chiller can be placed away from the rink for aesthetics
  • Prime the system with our glycol refrigerant. (environmentally friendly)
  • Add water to the rink to cover the cooling grid.
  • Begin the freezing process (3 days for full ice sheet)

We professionally install our rinks and make the ice for you. Industrial Frigo Ice USA is always available for service and maintenance or packing up in portable circumstances.

Having custom backyard ice rinks of your own is no longer just a dream. Industrial Frigo Ice USA will make it a reality. Get in touch, and let us design the ultimate home or portable hockey rink. 


custom backyard ice rinks
Industrial Frigo Ice USA Custom Barkyard Ice Rinks

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