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Industrial Frigo Ice USA is a world leader in Winter event space attractions. From concept to implementation, we are here to guide you on your way to the ice and snow park of your dreams.

Our Ice and Snow parks are adaptable to both indoor and outdoor event spaces. There is no limit to what we can create. We design events from parking lots and parks to shopping malls and arenas.

Here is an example of one of the Industrial Frigo Ice USA recent activations in Tel Aviv. In a very innovative and versatile event space called Hangar 11, we were able to create a completely immersive experience in the middle of Summer!

No matter what part of the world we are in, Summer is a time that consumers look for indoor recreation. Having Winter themed attractions in retail or recreation spaces is always a huge draw.

Industrial Frigo Ice USA created a complete adventure park of ice and snow with attractions suitable for all ages and skill levels. While ice skating is the cornerstone of our industry, we realize that not everyone in warmer climates has learned to skate.

Because of our modular design, we are able to integrate attractions to get everyone involved.

Here we start with a real snow playground! Our Snowvolution snowmaking system pumps snow into strategic areas allowing kids to have a full snow day experience.

Next is a 130 ft Ice Slide. We chose our Crazy Slide, which simulates sliding down a mountain slope in tubes. We call them boats, and they are suitable for parents to slide with young kids as well as more competitive group sliding.

Then our ice skating rink which was designed to accommodate more than just skating. The ice rink itself is suitable for all ice skating skill levels. There is plenty of room for experts to skate alongside kids (and adults) who require the use of our skating tutor dolphins!

But we added more! Specially designed ice bumper cars and ice racing mini cars were included for a different type of ice rink experience.

This event ran for approximately one month and was a great success. It really shows the endless possibilities when it comes to creating a Winter themed attraction.

The space here happened to be a large hangar with plenty of room to spread out, but smaller high traffic spaces are perfect for ice and snow parks. From a simple snow box to a crazy slide or rink, our design team can offer a turnkey or completely customized event solution.

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