Swiss ice hockey league glide over our Professional Ice Rink

Our Professional Ice Rinks keep on being protagonists of great events in Europe!

The blades of Swiss ice hockey legends’ skates have slid on our Professional Ice Rink! Industrial Frigo Ice has contributed to the legendary derby between SCL Tigers and SC Bern held in Brna! What really made the event special was the fact that for the third time since the introduction of playoffs in the Swiss league, a game in the top division was played outdoors and the Stade de Suisse ( Young Boys soccer team’s stadium) was transformed into a professional ice hockey arena. To create the field hockey arena, 10,000 meters of hoses were laid, 100,000 liters of water and 15,000 liters of antifreeze were distributed.

For over 20 years Industrial Frigo Ice has been proposing complete solutions for setting up professional ice rinks. The preparation of the Brna ice rink was a real challenge for us, because due to external events that slowed down the development process, the portable ice rink was built in a very short time. However, thanks also to our patented and modular solutions designed precisely for simple and fast set-up, the result was exciting.


Click on the video to see the setting up of the ice rink


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