Portable Ice Rink

Portable Ice Rinks For Sale or Rent

Our portable ice rinks for sale or rental are made in our factory in Brescia, Italy. They are available exclusively from Industrial Frigo Ice USA in Orlando, Fl. 

Italian Design and quality are on full display in all of our ice and snow products. Industrial Frigo Ice USA is a world leader in ice rink sales and rental and has produced incredible events in 55 countries.

For over 50 years, our passion for innovation has made us a leader in the ice skating industry. And now, all of our products are available for rent or sale.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor all-season use, portable ice rinks have proven to be profitable anchor attractions. On their own or in combination with any of our snow products, Industrial Frigo Ice USA can deliver the right solution.

We provide consultation, installation, and support services for all our customers. From a turnkey rental ice rink to a fully customized permanent ice park, we create the perfect attractions for your events.

Our Ice Skating Rink Products:

  • Fixed ice rinks (ice stadiums)
  • Mobile ice rinks (both outdoor and indoor)
  • Ice and snow playgrounds
  • Ice Rink Accessories and equipment

Renting an ice rink is easy and less expensive than you might think. It is a perfect solution for driving foot traffic to public and commercial areas for both adults and children.

Portable Ice Rinks Rental

When renting an ice rink from Industrial Frigo Ice USA, our packages include the following components:

  • Ice Rink Chiller System
  • Ice Rink Piping System 
  • Insulation
  • Dasher Board system
  • Skates (with steel cabinets which can contain up to 75 pairs)
  • Dolphin Skating Tutors to help children with standing and balancing 


Portable Ice Rinks from Industrial Frigo Ice USA
Portable Ice Rinks from Industrial Frigo Ice USA come will all the ice rink accessories needed for for your event.

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